Altre Latitudini

For Gianmaria,your voice climbs to a balcony, whispering the words to say to the loved one who shows herself there. Your voice is Cyrano hidden in the garden, teaching the forgetful male how to summon a girl’s kiss. They are syllables of rain: to take one’s jacket and place it on the bare shoulders of a woman (one of the rare sacred gestures with which a man is endowed).

Your songs allow a boy to act as a man, allow a man to become a boy. A woman sighs: if only it were true! While you sing it is true, and then for five more minutes the effect of gathering the male fragments lasts: the adult and the daredevil are togheter again. While you sing there is again the silhouette of a man in the room. In his buttonhole he has placed a nettle flower, on his shirtfront a live butterfly.

He entwines his arms around the girl, makes as if to waltz, then turns it into a tango: the couple shines. Numerus clausus sealed by music.

Perfumed by the dances of the past are your songs of today. Man and woman approach cheekbones to feign sharing a word, smell hair, bring the breath close to the curve of the neck. The balls of the past permitted embraces using a turn on the dancefloor as excuse.

Nothing other than loves, flesh laid bare by a knife that skins, that peels, and beneath, the fruit is white. Only loves, their pas de deux disturbs, deters: two lovers go, behind them follow our gaze – that of soldiers constrained to ranks, instead of disbanding, unbottoning our collars, and starting to run.

Nothing other than flowers. Buy them in small bouquets, carry them, sweating, out of breath, to you favourite creature, loved.Erri De Luca, Translated from the Italian by Willy Spat

"Altre latitudini"

14 Ottobre 2003

Brano Titolo Durata
1 Preferisco Così Brano e testo
2 Il Meglio Di Te Brano e testo 2:55
3 Dentro Al Cinema Brano e testo
4 Solo Per Dirti Di No Brano e testo 3:53
5 Tuareg Brano e testo 2:45
6 Come Di Pioggia Brano e testo 3:51
7 Veduta Aerea Brano e testo 3:41
8 Voce Da Combattimento Brano e testo 3:40
9 Nient'altro Che Fiori Brano e testo 3:35
10 Sei La Conchiglia Brano e testo 3:03
11 Una Lucciola D'agosto Brano e testo 3:13
12 Potrai Brano e testo 2:02
13 'Na Stella Brano e testo 3:54
14 Altre Latitudini Brano e testo 2:36
15 Preferisco Così (Strumentale) Brano 1:18

Musicians :
Gianmaria Testa: voice, guitar
Enzo Pietropaoli: double bass
Philippe Garcia: drums
Mario Brunello: cello
Carlo de Martini: violin, viola
Gianpiero Malfatto: trombone
David Lewis: trumpet
Gabriele Mirabassi: clarinet

Artistic productionGianmaria Testa
Art istic direction and arrangementsPiero Ponzo
Recorded and Mixed aat Studio Elettra - Calvi dell’Umbria, Italy 2003
by Emanuele Donnini
MasteringIan Cooper for Metropolis Mastering, Londra, UK
Graphic designAtelier Harmonia Mundi
Cover photoSayoun / Wallis
Internal photosJean-Dominique Ferrucci and Pino Guidolotti
PublicationQuai N° 3 Parigi, except ‘Na Stella, Sugar srl, Italia ProductionCom’ Nicole Courtois Higelin
LabelLe Chant du Monde
DistributionHarmonia Mundi
Italian DistributionIRD