Da questa parte del Mare

After “Altre Latitudini” (2003), Gianmaria Testa has released his new album, “Da questa parte del mare”, a turning point in his artistic production, in October 2006.
It is a “concept album”, wholly focussed on a single topic. Thus, the album has been thought of as a novel and the songs are its chapters. All of them together tell a story.
The plot is that of modern migrations. It is a poetic meditation, a series of unbiased and non-demagogic reflections on recent years mass migrations. Gianmaria reflects on the reason(s) why so many people undergo the sufferings of leaving their own country, crossing deserts and seas looking for a better life. He explores the meanings of “land” and “country”, the feelings of uprooting and dismay linked to the idea of being forced to move away, irrespectively of the country we live in.

"Da questa parte del Mare"

12 ottobre 2006
19 aprile 2016

Brano Titolo Durata
1 Seminatori Di Grano Brano e testo
2 Rrock Brano e testo 5:17
3 Forse Qualcuno Domani Brano e testo
4 Una Barca Scura Brano e testo 4:31
5 Tela Di Ragno Brano e testo 5:19
6 Il Passo E L'incanto Brano e testo 5:04
7 3/4 Brano e testo 4:27
8 Al Mercato Di Porta Palazzo Brano e testo 3:41
9 Ritals Brano e testo 4:10
10 Miniera Brano e testo 3:20
11 La Nostra Cittá Brano e testo 1:44

Musicians :
Gianmaria Testa: voice, guitar
Enzo Pietropaoli: double bass
Gabriele Mirabassi: clarinet
Claudio Dadone: guitar
Philippe Garcia: drums, percussions
Paolo Fresu: trumpet
Luciano Biondini: accordion
Bill Frisell: electric guitar
Greg Cohen: double bass
Vittorio Piombo: cello
Piero Ponzo: saxophone
Piero Salvatori: cello
Sebastiano Severi: cello

Production : Paola Farinetti for Produzioni Fuorivia
Pre-production: Gianmaria Testa, Paola Farinetti, Claudio Dadone, Matteo Testa, Luigi Testa
Artistic production: Greg Cohen
Recorded at Fonoprint, Bologna (Italia) by Roberto Barillari - Adjoined sound engineer: Davide RovieriBill Frisell recorded at Track Shack, Seattle,Washington (USA) by Matt Brown for Emerson77 Productions
Mixed: Fonoprint, Bologna (Italia) by Roberto Barillari - Adjoined sound engineer: Diego Ferri except for Rrock and Tela di ragno mixed at Brooklyn Recording Studio, New York (USA) by Andy Taub
Mastering: Maurizio Biancani – Adjoined sound engineer: Fausto Demetrio - Fonoprint, Bologna (Italia)
Graphic Project: Danilo Manassero
Cover: graphic concept by Danilo Manassero from an Ivo Saglietti’s photo Photos: Ivo Saglietti, Marco Caselli Nirmal. For Bill Frisll: Jimmy Katz, Luciano Viti
Translations: Michelangelo Conoscenti (English) – Danièle Valin (French) – Michael Blümke (German)
Editions : Produzioni Fuorivia/Radiofandango/Nunflower; except for Miniera - Bixio C.E.M.S.A.
All rights reserved
Distribuited by Ede